Echoes Across the Century, Guildhall Art Gallery London

31 March 2017 - 16 July 2017

It is not always the blockbuster exhibitions that stimulate the viewer. Sometimes an exhibition that you do not expect will be powerful and take you by surprise, and this is exactly that. We recommend that everyone who can goes to see this - not only does it take you into the emotions of living through the hell of losing loved ones during this terrible conflict, but it shows you how so many of today's school children are both artistically talented and capable of understanding the hell of yesteryear.  Hat's off to Jane Churchill and the organisers.

The First World War involved considerable sacrifice both on the front line, as well as at home. Guildhall Art Gallery’s new exhibition explores the personal stories of those involved as they grappled with separation from loved ones and kept the country moving.

Immerse yourself in this multisensory journey that explores heritage, memory and loss. Featuring artist Jane Churchill’s installation Degrees of Separation, Echoes weaves in the work of 240 students as they explore with Jane the impact of the war in this exhibition that is part created museum, part archive of dreams.