PS The Pastel Society Annual Exhibition 2017 at Mall Galleries, The Mall, St. James’s, London SW1 +44 (0)20 7930 6844

21 February 2017 to 4 March 2017

Contemporary Arts Trust prize for PS the Pastel Society Annual Exhibition 2017 was won by Dominic McIvor of Edinburgh for his work, Brick I; his innovative and personal style and exceptional use of varied media and techniques. We are always looking for young modest artists who have found their own unique voice, and by giving the prize hoping to encourage them to continue to explore themselves and buck the "mainstream". Dominic McIvor's work does just that.  

The Pastel Society Annual Exhibition 2017 features works created in pastel, pencil, chalk and charcoal, the Pastel Society exhibits abstract and experimental works alongside traditional representation. The artists, including elected members of the Society and those chosen from open submission, all share a passion for working in dry media.

Member artists will be demonstrating their working processes as part of the exhibition and workshops in various aspects of working with pastels will also be available.